Fri, 22 May 2015 09:42:12

Ask: It seems straightforward to me to at least allow players to upload an avatar, which people could use to show off their character. Wasn't there going to be a true account system for v2 anyway?

Well yeah, image uploading stuff is something we’d like to do. The thing I was balking at was procedural generation of enemy images because doing so based off the strings entered for prototype descriptions would require, among other things, producing a strong AI.

We may even allow uploading of enemy images if you feel like drawing or otherwise acquiring some. And of course Denizens appear to be unaffected by prototyping so there’s no reason we can’t render them symbolically.

EDIT: The clarification below was posted by Aaron and I believe it means no uploading character portrayals that we then place gear on (because, again, there’s way too much gear for that to be feasible at this point). Being able to put up a character avatar in some way I THINK we can look at as a medium-term goal.

Thu, 21 May 2015 11:16:18

Text Post: To elaborate on custom graphics

While we likely won’t be allowing players to upload custom images of their characters, sprites, and such we may be extending the custom dungeon icons to the logical conclusion - providing the option for players to upload character symbols to be displayed on the new GUI and session info pages and the like.

Thu, 21 May 2015 10:48:17

Ask: sorry to bug you, I just had a few questions! So, when do you guys think the beta application forms will go up, how many players do you think you'll be letting in, can you apply as a group for a session of friends, and will those players have a better chance of getting in BECAUSE they've already got a session planned?

Honestly, the “closed” section of the beta is more of a minesweep than a full beta test (i.e. nothing makes the game horribly unplayable) so it may well not even last that long and MAY just consist of a few specific people. In this case, instead of applications going up it’d be the open beta going up and that’d be in like, a week? Two?

If we DO decide to go the semi-open route (with a period of beta signups to help with the minesweeping) that will likely be happening very soon.

Thu, 21 May 2015 10:45:59

Ask: I know this sounds silly, but having a sprite of the enemy you're fighting would make fighting feel a lot more fun. I know that's a tiny little thing, but I feel it'd add a lot to the game! (And stretching it a little, but having an uploadable picture of a character sprite/kernalsprite sprite would make it feel even cooler!

Nah it doesn’t sound silly at all, artistic representation is an important part of gaming of all stripes. The difficulty is reconciling it with letting people build their own mental image of their sessions AND with the huge, practically infinite variety of content (i.e. prototyped enemies) that we’d need to cover.

We could look into using “blank” imp pictures, but there’s still coloration to worry about and I kinda feel like it’d be at odds with the description (”but why don’t I see an elephant trunk on the imp???”). I’d say this is a medium-term goal that we’ll make an optional session setting (i.e. “display generic enemy portraits” or something similar)

Thu, 21 May 2015 10:41:43

Ask: oh god please don't make us make a forum account just to sign up, make an online form or something

Well…the forum signup would be for a closed (or technically semi-open) beta, i.e. one where we’re restricting the number of users who can access it and keeping a close eye on/engaging directly with each one. Once we’re in open beta (which should be once the closed/semi-open beta people fail to discover any horrible “nothing works” bugs) we’ll just throw the URL out to all and sundry anyway.

Thu, 21 May 2015 08:02:19

Ask: Sorry to bug your busy life, but may I ask, how will applying for the beta work? I pray it will not be like how Skaia. Io is doing theirs.

We’ll have a nice simple sign-up thread on our nice simple forums.’s signup method is good for getting people interested in a new project, but we’re more established so it’s not a route we’d be interested in

Thu, 21 May 2015 08:01:14

Ask: Ironically, I'm fairly sure skaia io is about text roleplaying with in-house DMs

This is actually even better if it’s true. I’ve been personally considering letting a session set up an “administrator” of sorts who doesn’t actually play the game but tailors stuff like encounters and things and has administrative-level control over the session. This puts us in a win-win situation. Either:

- We go ahead with this and people can have a setup where they run a session with a DM who also administrates an Overseer session, using for the RP side and Overseer for the mechanics side, or

- We don’t, and becomes a good alternative for DM-style sessions while Overseer works well for sessions where everyone involved wants to be a participant

And of course administrating in Overseer would be optional so if we added something like that we’d get BOTH benefits. Basically it puts in a position where instead of being a “competitor” there are actually good reasons to build a session in both systems at the same time. Which to be honest is what I was really hoping for when I saw, because Overseer doesn’t offer good tools for the RP side of things by itself and you generally have to use Pesterchum or something instead.

Wed, 20 May 2015 14:16:37





Ok so there’s this thing called and it’s by this guy  and it’s suppose to be like Overseer? I think anyway there are certain things about this I decided to comply all information of this

1)It’s a closed beta that has codes hidden around some websites the user is in contact with such as RP.TC, msparp, and Reddit and starbound website.

2)It’s also half of another website

3)It’s been developmeant for 2 years 

4)It’s not ready for code input codes yet

5)there are around 100 codes

6)some codes you’ll need “skills and haxxxx majikks“ maybe                              

7)The coder can generate other codes and possibly set up a mail system

8) The coding has been changed from PHP to FLASK

9)Cookies are not codes

10) Validating coming soon

11)Some devs from parp are working on this

12)Codes on parp fourms now             

13)Shits gonna get trickier

14) No codes after closed beta

15)By participating in the beta, users have a direct impact on how will evolve

16) has now a blog check it out 17)codes are now being accepted 18)DONT post screen shots

Nice compilation.

Since they were kind enough to reblog our closed beta “announcement”…looks like this is some kind of much fancier ARG-type dealie for an SBURB-game-looking thing. Certainly seems worth a look, at the very least! A fair few SBURB simulation-style projects have gone belly-up recently, so here’s hoping this one sticks and offers an alternative to folks who aren’t as keen on the text-based roleplay-heavy uber-customization style of session Overseer offers.

Wed, 20 May 2015 11:22:37

Ask: i suppose it would make sense to just put in the effort tot rack down the missing links in greenlit items and have them finished

That’s more of a thing for item mods to do once the submission table is imported rather than something necessary for release. Assuming that’s what you meant.

Wed, 20 May 2015 09:45:03

Ask: Hey just sending this in in regards to the latest post about weather people want the game now or when it's in a more polished state, since you didn't specify as to where people should voice their opinions about this, I am submitting you an ask to voice said opinion. I personally would just love to play the game now rather than waiting because it's been a long time coming, I don't know if I can personally wait anymore. That, and all the players could help find the bugs in the new build to help.:)

There have been a couple opinions along these lines which are part of what’s driving the push for closed beta. We DO still need to get item submissions poked at a little (there’s a huge raft of old ones that we need to figure out what to do with, a bit of convenience coding, testing, and some philosophical “how to handle items with the old flag on them” debate), but it’s probably worth keeping an eye on the current forums in case anything like a beta signup pops up there.

THIS IS NOT A GUARANTEE. It’s just a thing we might be doing. MIGHT be doing. I would like to do it but I’m going to be quite busy for the next couple of weeks.

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